Gridley Wright, 1967 Welcome to This web site shares our ongoing research into the philososphy, writings, and life story of Gridley Wright
(1934 - 1979).

Gridley Wright was an central figure of the counterculture of the 1960s -- a high priest of the hippie movement and founder of the Strawberry Fields commune in Decker Canyon in Southern California. In 1968, he underwent a widely publicized trial for possession of marihuana. He was placed on probation then later placed in jail.

Upon his release after nearly two years in the California penitentiary system, Gridley encountered difficulties while trying to realize his communal living ideals. He left for he east, traveling through India, New Zealand and Australia before settling in Bali. In Bali he burned his passport. Gridley explained his behavior in this way, "I am not a tourist anymore. I am home. I do not need a passport when I am home."

Bali is where Keith Lorenz met Gridley and recorded a fascinating interview with him. Soon after this interview, the Balinese officials deported Gridley. He returned to California where he started an entheogenic religion -- an LSD using hindu sect named Shivalila. Gridley recorded the ideals of Shivalila in the 1977 book, The Book of the Mother.

He moved his group to the Phillipines then to Goa, India. It is in Goa that he died in December 1979.

Notes from Chris Lorenz owner/developer,
When I was a young boy, my uncle Keith told me the story of his extraordinary encounter with Gridley Wright in Bali in 1971. Keith recorded that interview. Over the years I have listened to this interview many times and have wondered about the rest of Gridley‘s story. Who was he before my uncle met him in Bali? What became of him?

In April of 2002, I began to research Gridley Wright in earnest. I developed this web site to share what I am continuing to discover about Gridley and as a means to learn more about Gridley.

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